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Photo from Lisa Smith Swiger’s post in Qualatex – Lisa Smith Swiger.


Logo of Graphics MadeWithBalloon™ web sitesBLOWN AWAY!

 Lisa Smith Swiger has captured the spirit as well as the form of the  Hurricane’s team logo in this backdrop.

You cannot get really thin lines and sharp points with balloon dots at this scale, but no one would have trouble recognizing the logo.  

One might even suggest that the textured look of the balloon logo is more like real hurricane weather patterns than the slick, sharp design used in print by the team.

In any case, our congratulations go out to Lisa and her team. I am sure that when the guests arrived they were “BLOWN AWAY BY THIS HURRICANE MadeWithBalloons™”





—  Download free graph paper to plan designs of your own.

—  Visit online source for balloon frames to build displays of your own.


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