Feb 20

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Manon Dudziak built this strong and happy graphic MadeWithBalloons™ of USA President Barack Obama on the campaign trail. He got happy results with his election to the office of President.

Manon got happy results as well.  She made me and many more happy that she produced this piece, that she sparked balloon imaginations and that she stirred the interest of the public as well.  Congratulations Manon, on a great job at the Balloon Arts Convention Italy (BACI) 2012.

“Thanks” go also to the Italian based chain of  Balloon Express stores that sponsor this event each year. They do a great job of exhibiting world class balloon art every time.  And, they do an exceptional job of drawing the public into the event.

Here are images from the construction courtesy of contributors to the Balloon Express “TheDarkroom” collection of pictures from BACI 2012.

These are images form the construction of "Obama MadeWithBalloons™" and the rest that comes at the end.

These construction photos of “Obama MadeWithBalloons™” come from  Balloon Express “TheDarkroom” collection of photos for BACI 2012.


Thanks for joining me this time. Do come again for more “Balloon Imagination On Display™” here at “Graphics MadeWithBalloons™ Blog.

Graham Rouse

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