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Five pointed star overlaid on circles and squares made with balloons

By Cenário Baloes na Expo parque e festas.(8) AMIGOS DOS BALÕES.


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Tiago Miguel da Silva shared this photo from Brazil but the bold, red, white and blue design with the white star in the center looks like something from the USA.

It is clean and neat. It is well lighted and photographed. The balloon sizing and placement are precise. The circles inside the square add variety to the design and help to focus attention toward the central star.

I like the scaling down of balloon sizes as we approach the center.

The white star is just slightly wrinkled and off vertical, but I like the switch to a slick, flat star to contrast with the texture of the balloon backdrop.

 My congratulations go out to the producers in Brazil.  And my encouragement goes out to would-be producers in the USA; “This is a good example to emulate”..



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