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(10) Twister !!.



Logo of Graphics MadeWithBalloon™ web sitesNumbers, like letters, are most often seen as simple graphic symbols.  It is becoming more and more popular to apply themes to numbers as a focal point for event decorations MadeWithBalloons™.  This is an excellent example by Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko.

It looks like a construction/plumbing project for Mario. The pipes are wrapped. The pressure gauge is in place. The handle is ready to turn to open the valve. Mario is standing at the ready.

Mario is especially well formed and well dressed.

And the whole scene is well photographed.

Congratulations, Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko,‎ on a job well done!



Flowers In Relief on a bed of round balloons on a Rouse Designer Panel.

 FLOWERS IN RELIEF MadeWithBalloons™



"QBN" Banners MadeWithBalloons and Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames.

“QBN” BANNER MadeWithBalloons™




.BACARDI logo MadeWithBalloons™

BACARDI LOGO MadeWithBalloons™ 




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