A SERIOUS HEAD MadeWithBalloons™

Here is a serious looking head drawing on a white rd and blue backfround all made with balloons

By Regina Dos Anjoscba



Graphics MadeWithBalloons™ logo 2014-08-24

It is a serious looking head that is seriously well done.

I like the bold, clean look of this backdrop graphic wall MadeWithBalloons™ by Regina Dos Anjoscba.

I do not recognize the character in the center, but I am not up to date on the latest superheros, super villains and animated protagonists.

An overlay of smaller red balloons form the outlines of various thickness and draw the head nicely. The extra layer produces shadows that add to the drama.

I also like the way the wall of balloons appears (in the photo) to cover the whole end wall of the room. It adds to the sense that you are not just looking at a picture, but have stepped into a new enviornment, maybe the home of our Serious Head MadeWithBalloons™

Congratulations Regina Dos Anjoscba!




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