GET YOUR ROUSE ON! BalloonGrids / RouseAPPS Launch, Valentine Seminar

. . THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST . This Seminar is past, but THERE ARE 11 MORE IN 2017 “DECORATING WITH BALLOONS & GRIDS made SIMPLE – EASY – STRONG – FAST” You learn 3 balloon grid systems hands-on: (1) Pioneer stiff GRIDZ, (2) Rouse flexible RMS (3) DIY grids you make. You go home more productive & profitable with all balloon …

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Marco Antonio Cardenas Rodriguez. . WELCOME MadeWithBalloons™ This picture posted by Marco Antonio Cardenas Rodriguez shows the crew finished and ready for the event to begin. They did a fine job. The balloon backdrop fills the space from floor to ceiling and the stage from edge to edge. The colors are bright and the construction clean.   …

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Photo from Lisa Smith Swiger’s post in Qualatex – Lisa Smith Swiger. . BLOWN AWAY!  Lisa Smith Swiger has captured the spirit as well as the form of the  Hurricane’s team logo in this backdrop. You cannot get really thin lines and sharp points with balloon dots at this scale, but no one would have trouble recognizing …

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BACARDI LOGO MadeWithBalloons™

BACARDI logo MadeWithBalloons™

I think Bacardi would be proud to have their logo rendered with such flair in twisted balloons. The construction does not attempt to replicate all the details in exact proportion, but rather makes a clear statement that Bacardi customers will quickly recognize and praise. And, so do we. Niko Fric’s three layer approach works well …

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RED OVAL & BIKINI MadeWithBalloons™

RED OVAL & BIKINI MadeWithBalloons™   This digital graphic is one I made based on original balloon work and photograph by Steve Jones from his Facebook pages. Normally, we superimpose lines and text and blocks of color onto our balloons as graphic imprints to tell a story or to convey moods or messages.   In …

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