WEDDING LOVE MadeWithBalloons™

Wedding Party backdrop set by Amuse Joker 鬼馬小丑 扭波氣球 with bride and groom and "LOVE" MadeWithBalloons™ plus large balloon garland frame for the set

  Amuse Joker 鬼馬小丑 扭波氣球 Source: (6) I LOVE BALLOONS . THIS IS A MARVELOUS balloon graphic “in relief”. It is certainly a strong graphic presentation from the front. It is made even more lively by the three dimensional presentation of the thick balloon frame and “LOVE” letters. . The sculptured wedding couple, Darrill and …

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CAT & PUMPKIN WALL MadeWithBalloons™

"Cat & Pumpkin Wall" construction MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™, JustRouseIt™ balloon frames

  CAT & PUMPKIN WALL MadeWithBalloons™   This is a 20′ wall MadeWithBalloons™and Rouse Matrix™ Builders. It looks like a lot of fun for Halloween today. It was also fun when it was first built in Spain in 2008. Here are some notes on how it was done and techniques you can use to build similar displays …

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BACK TO SCHOOL BUS MadeWithBalloons™

  (4) Balloons twisters/Sculptures. BACK TO SCHOOL BUS MadeWithBalloons™ . Let’s make it fun to go back to school!   This design shared by Garlis Nayive Bolivar‎ certainly helps that happen.  There is a big yellow bus with smiling children’s faces. The ‘SCHOOL BUS” label leaves no doubt as to the destination. The giant wheels look …

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A SERIOUS HEAD MadeWithBalloons™

By Regina Dos Anjoscba A SERIOUS HEAD MadeWithBalloons™   It is a serious looking head that is seriously well done. I like the bold, clean look of this backdrop graphic wall MadeWithBalloons™ by Regina Dos Anjoscba. I do not recognize the character in the center, but I am not up to date on the latest superheros, …

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“5” COMES ALIVE! MadeWithBalloons™

  (10) Twister !!.  “5”  COMES ALIVE MadeWithBalloons™ . Numbers, like letters, are most often seen as simple graphic symbols.  It is becoming more and more popular to apply themes to numbers as a focal point for event decorations MadeWithBalloons™.  This is an excellent example by Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko‎. It looks like a construction/plumbing project for …

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Picture of a graphic in relief of girl with flowers at a window all made with balloons

Irina TkatsevichCba post in Qualatex Group‎ . THE GIRL AT THE WINDOW MadeWithBalloons™ I love the variety of colors, textures and techniques in this miniature scene by Irina TkatsevichCba‎.   One weave makes the blue window, another the yellow window frame.   The white flowers exhibit a clean symmetry while the green foliage churns like a foaming pool …

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By Cenário Baloes na Expo parque e festas.(8) AMIGOS DOS BALÕES.   OUTSTANDING STAR MadeWithBalloons™ Tiago Miguel da Silva shared this photo from Brazil but the bold, red, white and blue design with the white star in the center looks like something from the USA. It is clean and neat. It is well lighted and photographed. …

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