Largest Balloon Portrait In Singapore by Tan Lily and crew. June o 2015

  Tan Lily and her crew including Hoh Sook Lan, Tricia Soh, Koh Bee Leng and Hui Ping Chen. and more put a balloon face on Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore early in June, 2015. (If you know them, please add names of other crew members via the comments section below.)   ThIs 15′ by 12′  portrait MadeWithBalloons™ …

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BACK TO SCHOOL BUS MadeWithBalloons™

  (4) Balloons twisters/Sculptures. BACK TO SCHOOL BUS MadeWithBalloons™ . Let’s make it fun to go back to school!   This design shared by Garlis Nayive Bolivar‎ certainly helps that happen.  There is a big yellow bus with smiling children’s faces. The ‘SCHOOL BUS” label leaves no doubt as to the destination. The giant wheels look …

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A SERIOUS HEAD MadeWithBalloons™

By Regina Dos Anjoscba A SERIOUS HEAD MadeWithBalloons™   It is a serious looking head that is seriously well done. I like the bold, clean look of this backdrop graphic wall MadeWithBalloons™ by Regina Dos Anjoscba. I do not recognize the character in the center, but I am not up to date on the latest superheros, …

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By Cenário Baloes na Expo parque e festas.(8) AMIGOS DOS BALÕES.   OUTSTANDING STAR MadeWithBalloons™ Tiago Miguel da Silva shared this photo from Brazil but the bold, red, white and blue design with the white star in the center looks like something from the USA. It is clean and neat. It is well lighted and photographed. …

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Marco Antonio Cardenas Rodriguez. . WELCOME MadeWithBalloons™ This picture posted by Marco Antonio Cardenas Rodriguez shows the crew finished and ready for the event to begin. They did a fine job. The balloon backdrop fills the space from floor to ceiling and the stage from edge to edge. The colors are bright and the construction clean.   …

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“QBN” BANNERS MadeWithBalloons™

"FAST" illustration / icon for RE-A-L™ Balloon Art techniques with Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load Balloon Frames

. QBN BANNERS  MadeWithBalloons™ & RMS™ BANNERS   “SKETCH IT, LOAD IT & TRIM IT” is the simple RouseCIPE™ for these banners built at a chapter meeting of the Qualatex Balloon Network. The designs were sketched out on RMS™ Banner graph paper as shown below. The sketches became the guides for loading the balloons in …

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MARILYN MONROE MadeWithBalloons™

  MARILYN MONROE MadeWithBalloons™ This giant mural of Marilyn Monroe was MadeWithBalloons™ in Bangkok, Thailand in October of 2009 as part of the Balloon Art World Challenge event.  You may see the source photo online at Gallery: Bangkok’s Balloon Art World Challenge | CNN Travel Manon Dudziak designed this portrait and teamed with Alberto Nava to …

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Graphic backdrop titled "Trung Hieu" MadeWithBalloons™

. “TRUNG HIEU” BACKDROP MadeWithBalloons™ . Here is a fun backdrop MadeWithBalloons™ posted by Bui Ba Tien of C&T Balloon.  You may see the original post on his Facebook page . The background wall of balloons appears to be made of standard nested garlands. The text overlay, however, does not use a technique that I recognize as standard. …

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OBAMA MadeWithBalloons™

These are images form the construction of "Obama MadeWithBalloons™" and the rest that comes at the end.

Manon Dudziak built this strong and happy graphic MadeWithBalloons™ of USA President Barack Obama on the campaign trail. He got happy results with his election to the office of President. Manon got happy results as well.  She made me and many more happy that she produced this piece, that she sparked balloon imaginations and that …

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