GET YOUR ROUSE ON! BalloonGrids / RouseAPPS Launch, Valentine Seminar

. . THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST . This Seminar is past, but THERE ARE 11 MORE IN 2017 “DECORATING WITH BALLOONS & GRIDS made SIMPLE – EASY – STRONG – FAST” You learn 3 balloon grid systems hands-on: (1) Pioneer stiff GRIDZ, (2) Rouse flexible RMS (3) DIY grids you make. You go home more productive & profitable with all balloon …

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BACK TO SCHOOL BUS MadeWithBalloons™

  (4) Balloons twisters/Sculptures. BACK TO SCHOOL BUS MadeWithBalloons™ . Let’s make it fun to go back to school!   This design shared by Garlis Nayive Bolivar‎ certainly helps that happen.  There is a big yellow bus with smiling children’s faces. The ‘SCHOOL BUS” label leaves no doubt as to the destination. The giant wheels look …

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Angela-Gipson-butterfly-backdrop MadeWithBalloons™

65 Funky Balloons. BUTTERFLY BACKDROP MadeWithBalloons™ . This butterfly backdrop MadeWithBalloons™ was shared by Funky Balloons. It makes nice use of shades of purple and gold. The color scheme and butterfly theme are echoed in the cake table in front. I especially like the effective use of the change of scale in the center of …

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Portrait Of ROBIN WILLIAMS MadeWithBalloons™

Design for portrait of Robin Williams to be MadeWithBalloons and Rouse Matrix Expand-And-Load balloon frames

Portrait Of ROBIN WILLIAMS MadeWithBalloons™   This design for a balloon portrait of Robin Williams is my tribute to a fine actor and entertainer who has long been a favorite of mine. I was so saddened to hear of his death yesterday (August 11, 2014).  I am sure that the media will be flooded with …

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A HAPPY SCENE MadeWithBalloons™

Happy Scene MadeWithBalloons™

HAPPY SCENE This happy scene MadeWithBalloons™ was shared by Aninha Faria Figadoli along with Adriana Sedlak. The square grid provides the basic building blocks for the scene. It appears that Rouse Matrix honeycomb grid pattern was used for the pig and the sun overlays. Then, it looks like more traditional garlands and clusters for the rainbow …

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THE HAPPY LION MadeWithBalloons™

(4) AMIGOS DOS BALÕES . THE HAPPY LION MadeWithBalloons™ Lu Baloes shared this photo of a happy and friendly looking lion MadeWithBalloons™. It is tightly constructed and neatly done. The over inflated balloons fill out the square grid nicely. The angular camera view hides the remaining holes in the corners. The image is well lighted and …

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Sports Jersey wall MadeWithBalloons™ by Adriana Sedlack

  Round balloons in square holes leave noticeable gaps. The gaps are significantly smaller when you load round balloons into hexagons instead of squares. There are many reasons, however, square grids could be your choice as they were for Adriana Sedlak in this display. You could have some special effect in mind for those gaps, but generally, you …

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LION IN THE FOREST MadeWithBalloons™

I like this lion in the forest posted by Hortênsia Riccio. There is the drama of the lion peering out from the thick cover of trees. There is the question of whether this lion is ready to pounce upon one of the figures in front for play or for dinner.  Ordinarily I might assume it is for dinner, …

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PORTRAIT OF KATE MadeWithBalloons™

Illustration/icon of patented Rouse Expand-And-Load balloon framing system

  KATE UPTON fills the cover of the February 2013 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. This portrait MadeWithBalloons™, however, is based upon a photo inside the magazine. Kate’s direct look and soft smile engage the reader in a friendly way that is appealing. I hope she also appeals to you in this low resolution, gray …

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