Largest Balloon Portrait In Singapore by Tan Lily and crew. June o 2015

Largest Balloon Portrait In Singapore by Tan Lily and crew. June of 2015


Logo of Graphics MadeWithBalloon™ web sitesTan Lily and her crew including Hoh Sook Lan, Tricia Soh, Koh Bee Leng and Hui Ping Chen. and more put a balloon face on Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore early in June, 2015. (If you know them, please add names of other crew members via the comments section below.)  

ThIs 15′ by 12′  portrait MadeWithBalloons™ honored the late founding father of Singapore. 

It looks like 1700 balloons on the facing side of the balloon mural, but local news media estimate 10,000 balloons for the overall project.

Congratulations to all on a job well done!


Six potraits MadeWithBalloons™

Six potraits MadeWithBalloons™

If you like the balloon portrait above as I do then you will be thrilled to see the six additional faces MadeWithBalloons that are shown and discussed in the linked article: JUST FACE IT!.


We would love to see your thoughts and pictures of more faces made with balloons in the comments section below. 


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