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Andy Worhol's prrtrait of Marilyn Monroe only 12' tall and MadeWithBalloons™



Graphics MadeWithBalloons™ logoThis giant mural of Marilyn Monroe was MadeWithBalloons™ in Bangkok, Thailand in October of 2009 as part of the Balloon Art World Challenge event.  You may see the source photo online at Gallery: Bangkok’s Balloon Art World Challenge | CNN Travel

Manon Dudziak designed this portrait and teamed with Alberto Nava to get the job done. Great work. Congratulations!


This exhibit of Andy Warhol prints of Marilyn Monroe in London provides a sampling of the images that probably inspired the giant mural of Marilyn MadeWithBalloons™ in Bangkok.

This exhibit of Andy Warhol prints of Marilyn Monroe in London

The balloon portrait was most likely inspired by a famous series of prints by Andy Warhol. A sampling of those prints is shown above in an exhibit in London. This photo comes from a series of image titled “50 years Without Marilyn Monroe”.


You get a sense of the scale of the Balloon Art World Challenge portrait in the photo below. The pedestrian on the left is dwarfed by the giant mural MadeWithBalloons™. This picture was originally published online by Tony of

Marilyn Monroe protrait graphic MadeWithBalloons™


The photographs show a piece of balloon art that was well conceived and finely executed. It appears that it was built of nested garlands comprised of about 6,500 balloons. About half would be visible from the front and the others hidden behind.

I am curious about the location of the display. There must have been many logistical considerations that I cannot know, but I do wonder about how the experience of the mall visitors might have been changed by a different arrangement.

If the mural were moved even closer to the restricted walkway, then the pedestrians might have felt they were on the front row of a movie theater with a giant Cinemascope screen. Maybe it would have been too intimidating. On the other hand, a part of the intent of such a giant image with such bold, neon colors seems to be it’s demand for attention and insistence that you “wake up” from your wanderings and see something you did not expect. Being closer to the viewer might do that.

What if you were to rotate it 90 degrees so that it faces the long hall?  The image is so simple and strong and large that it would be clear from most any inside distance that was not obstructed. The portrait might grab you as you enter and continue to nag at your thoughts as you move closer from store to store as you shop.

How close would you have to be before you wonder if it be made with balloons? How close would you have to be before you believe it?

What if the balloons on the back side were clear or white and it were lighted from behind for night view like a stained glass window?

My, my, what interesting possibilities to add to the impressive one already in place for this version of “Marilyn Monroe MadeWithBalloons™”



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