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“Cinco de Mayo” is coming up soon (5th of May).  It is time for a big celebration in Mexico as well as many places across the USA.. Reflecting upon this holiday called to mind this design produced by our students in a convention in Mexico. They were mostly beginners. They picked up the skills quickly and did a great job as you can see for yourself above.

Illustration/icon for Rouse patented "Simple" technique for loading balloons in an aperture frameworkSIMPLE

The overall design is rather simple.  It is comprised of rows that are mostly solid in color. In the center section the rows have mixed colors but in a symmetrical pattern.

“Simple” is an apt description for another reason as well. We loaded balloons in connected pairs in a single layer.  That was a relatively recent innovation that was introduced with Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames. (It is still a patent protected balloon loading system for use only with RMS™.) It cut the number of balloons in half compared to more traditional nested garland (precision wall) techniques and simplified construction over systems that loaded balloons in singles as well.

  • Tie two balloons at once.
  • Reach only once to get  two balloons during construction.
  • Load one balloon and the next is right there for you.
  • Each balloon serves as an anchor to help keep the next in place

Illustration/icon of Rouse patented "Fast" method of loading balloons in openings of grid frames for balloonsFAST

This project took place before the introduction and spread of double ended balloons as a common resource for building balloon decorations.

Now we know how to assemble this kind of balloon decorating project much faster and with even more security of the balloons in their places. Now we would tie each of the balloons in a vertical row together (end to end with double-ended balloons) in a string. Start at one end and load each balloon into an adjacent opening in that row.

With a little practice you can get very fast at this. Here is one extraordinary example.

Our experience is that with a little practice loading speeds for our students go up two to four times using Rouse Speed Graphics. Speeds like Eduardo, above, are more difficult to achieve, but are possible.

In any case, do remember that “Speed Graphics”, just like the loading of balloons in connected pairs, is a proprietary technique for use exclusively with official Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames unless specifically licensed by Graham Rouse.

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Thanks for joining me this time. Do come again for more “Balloon Imagination On Display™” here at “Graphics MadeWithBalloons™ Blog.

Graham Rouse

Your Host & Editor
Rouse Technologies, LLC
Clemson, SC USA

Copyright 2014 by G.Rouse


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