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Logo of Graphics MadeWithBalloon™ web sitesHERE IS A SIMPLE WAY.

Here is a simple way to build the “Bat Over The Moon” design above. It is MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ Banner balloon frames.


The three minute video immediately below gives you an overview of working with RMS™ Banners and with the Rouse patented “SIMPLE” technique:

This technique of loading connected balloons in adjacent openings is a Rouse Original Technique and is patented in the USA for use exclusively with Rouse Matrix™ frames. It has advantages over loading balloons in singles:

  • Balloons are tied two at once.
  • Pick up and handle two balloons at once.
  • Load one balloon and the second is right there for loading next.
  • Each balloon acts as an anchor helping to hold the other in place



The illustration below shows the “Bat Over The Moon” design laid out on RMS™ Banner graph paper.  You may download the same graph paper for planning designs of your own from

SIMPLE-BAT-LAYOUT-01-horiz-purple .


The illustration below breaks the design into rows and then into pairs of balloons. Since there are an odd number of balloons in each horizontal row, there is a single balloon at the left end of each row. Combine the single balloon in one row with a single from the adjacent row.  Examples are wrapped in red ovals in the illustration below. There is just one single balloon to be loaded by itself in the bottom left hand corner. WithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ of bat flying across moon separated into pairs of balloons


We have chosen these colors, but you may choose your own.

  • 158 Purple balloons (5″-6″)
  • 129 Light Blue balloons (5″-6″)
  •  99 Yellow balloons (5″-6″)
  •  97 Black balloons (5″-6″)
  • 2 Red balloons (5″-6″) for eyes




  • Inflate, size & tie balloons in pairs according to the layout above (or your own revised layout if you like) and the instructions below.
  • Inflate and size balloons to 4" after squeezing them .Tie them in pairs to match your plan.
  • Inflate and size balloons to 4″ after squeezing them .Tie them in pairs to match your plan.
  • Most balloons are not spheres, but are longer from the inflation neck to the opposite end of the balloon.  Squeezing balloons as shown above before measuring them helps to get more accurate sizing.


Rouse Matrix™ Banners

  • (2) Packages of RMS™’ Banner Expand-And-Load™ panels (2 panels to a package). Connect 4 of the RMS™ Banner′ panels. Connect two side by side in a horizontal line and then two more directly above them into a group of four. Rotate them 90 degrees clockwise and expand to the right into a square shape.
  • Immediately below is a video that demonstrates the steps from taking the Banner Matrix out of the packages right through setting them up and ready to load balloons.



Standard installation works well.  On this design we recommend using at least two base plates with vertical poles or pipes behind the display. Use them on the back side of the display. Use one near each end.

You may use cable ties (zip ties / electrical ties), elastic bands or other lines to tie around the vertical element and the Matrix straps between balloons.  We recommend at least three connections on each vertical. Use at least one near the top and bottom and at least one in the middle.

Tighten the connection until balloons are snug against the vertical element. If you tighten it too much you will force balloons out of the Matrix. .




"Witch Over The Moon" JustRouseIt™ graphic MadeWithBalloons™ & Rouse Matrix™ R-E-A-L™ Balloon Frames


How To Fly Your Witch Over The Moon



Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ Balloon Bat design


Balloon Bat Decorations – How To Make Your Own




. . Photo of JustRouseIt™, R-E-A-L™, graphic MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ balloon frames titled "how-to-create-a-custom-shaped-logo"





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