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Lu Baloes shared this photo of a happy and friendly looking lion MadeWithBalloons™.

It is tightly constructed and neatly done. The over inflated balloons fill out the square grid nicely. The angular camera view hides the remaining holes in the corners.

The image is well lighted and photographed. The colors are rich and well chosen for the scene.

I like the textural variety with the smaller balloons for details and the outline overlays of #260 balloons.

The use of the long black balloons for outlines and details like the whiskers give the image a cartoon character that is fitting for a low resolution picture on this scale.

Congratulations on a job well done!. 




It is not clear from the photo what framing was used, but the RMS™ GRIDZ Soft Pak would work well to reproduce this or similar designs using a 6″ square grid format. You may check out GRIDZ at .



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