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Wedding Party backdrop set by Amuse Joker 鬼馬小丑 扭波氣球 with bride and groom and "LOVE" MadeWithBalloons™ plus large balloon garland frame for the set

Wedding Party backdrop set by Amuse Joker 鬼馬小丑 扭波氣球


Amuse Joker 鬼馬小丑 扭波氣球


Graphics MadeWithBalloons™ logo 2014-08-24.

balloon graphic “in relief”. It is certainly a strong graphic presentation from the front. It is made even more lively by the three dimensional presentation of the thick balloon frame and “LOVE” letters.

Darrell-01Sculpture MadeWithBalloons™ by to represent the bride, Abby. .

The sculptured wedding couple, Darrill and Abby, are very well done and a delightful addition to the scene.



My “Congratulations!” to Amuse Joker 鬼馬小丑 扭波氣球 and the team that probably was there to help.


We would love to see

  • your thoughts on this project and
  • pictures of other examples of graphics made with balloons that express love.
  • Use the comments section below. 


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